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Beware Giant Hogweed


Giant Hogweed

It’s that time of year when we take our kids out for riverside walks isn’t it? And isn’t it nice to show them the different sorts of plants growing alongside the river?


Well this is a strong warning to stay well away from one of them.
Giant Hogweed is intriguing because it can be up to 3metres high and has lovely white umbels of flowers. BUT it is one of the most dangerous plants you will come across.

If you get the sap on your skin it will cause at the very least a nasty rash and more likely severe blisters that will be painful for weeks. Worse still, your skin will be sensitised and the effects carry into the future. It’s a very nasty weed so PLEASE watch out for it and protect warn your kids (and yourself) to stay well away.

Hogweed bllisters
If you do find any then please let someone know – the landowner, ourselves, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (they run a clearance project) or download the PlantTracker app and record it online from where the details will be passed to someone for investigation and action.

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