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    Rodley Nature Reserve Fish Pass

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Category Archives: Hydrocitizenship

FoBB Sculpture competition voting

Friends of Bradford Beck sculpture siteFriends of Bradford Beck have been running a competition for a sculpture to place over the beck and enable people to hear the hidden beck as it flows under Bradford city centre. The shortlist of four, from nine entries, has been announced and you can cast your vote and offer comments on the entries. Please go along and have your say.


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Cleaning up the debris after the floods

Mat Holloway and the many volunteers has has recruited and organised have been doing a magnificent job cleaning debris from the river banks after the recent flooding. Word of his work is spreading and support has been requested from the Sikh community in Leeds who want to clean up the banks near their ashes disposal… Continue Reading

Clean up the Aire

So impressed at how many individuals and organisations are banding together to clear the debris left behind by the flooding. As it says at the bottom of this poster, be careful near deep and/or flowing water and be careful about picking stuff up (use strong gloves to prevent puncture wounds). We have a small amount… Continue Reading

Improve the Environment Agency, don’t scrap it

I have a lot of respect for Dieter Helm, but on this suggestion ,that we should remove the flood defence responsibilities from the Environment Agency he is jut plain wrong. Yes, there are challenges facing the flood risk people, but separating them for the rest of the organisations accountable for the water environmemnt is not… Continue Reading

River AIre Fact File

Just found this archive document produced by the Environment Agency “River Aire Fact File”. It is a little out of date – not quite sure how old – but very interesting all the same as not much has changed since it was produced and the base data about the river and its catchment is still… Continue Reading

Flooding – possible responses

Following the flooding on the Somerset Levels (guess why they are called ‘levels’?), the premier professional institution in the arena – Chartered Insitution of Water and Environemntl Management – published a policy paper on the subject of flood risk management. That report followed some of the heaviest rain on record; we have just experienced rainfall… Continue Reading

Keep Bradford’s Becks Clean

Not so long ago, Gary Rushworth our Project Officer for the Urban Diffuse Pollution project on Bradford Beck gave a short talk to a group in Shipley who are part of the Citizenship project run by Bradford People First .┬áThis project is for people with learning disabilities to teach them┬áto become valued and active members… Continue Reading

Seven Bridges

Learning more about the River Aire through Leeds, we took a Seven Bridges walking voyage with Steve Bottoms. Steve is a key player in the Hydrocitizenship project. This 3 year project is investigating, and making creative contributions to, the ways in which citizens and communities live with each other and their environment in relation to… Continue Reading

Does biodiversity matter?

A deliberately provocative title with the intent of getting you to think about human responses to biodiversity. Most of us think that biodiversity is ‘just a good thing’ for its own sake, but surely the human response to our environment is also important? This challenging paper highlights the issues in judging human responses to the… Continue Reading

Blueprint for Water

The Rivers Trust, our national umbrella body, is a member of a coalition – Blueprint for Water – which is is a group of like-minded organisations with a bold plan: to revolutionise the way water is managed in England for the benefit of people and wildlife. Their previous work has included the publication of two… Continue Reading