Welcome to Aire Rivers Trust

We are the only environmental charity dedicated to improving the rivers that flow through the Aire valley.

Flowing from Malham to the River Ouse at Airmyn, the River Aire runs through an enormously varied landscape. Our river brings creatures like the kingfishers, otters and Atlantic salmon into the heart of the cities of Leeds and Bradford.

A curlew flying from Malham to Airmyn would travel a mere 58 miles but it takes the river over 90 miles to wind its way through the 228 square miles of the valley that flows into it.

Along the River Aire you will find shallow upland and hidden city becks streams full of life.

Volunteer with us to discover our great river. Our work helps reduce flooding, clear up litter and create new space for nature.
The Aire Rivers Trust believes in connecting people, places and nature.

Our vision for the River Aire is:

“It will be a thriving river valued for its environmental, social and economic benefits, and which is actively appreciated by the community for its diverse ecology and contribution to flood risk management.”

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The Aire Rivers Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No: 07464227 and a Registered Charity No: 1145609
Registered Office at: 38 Morton Lane, East Morton, Keighley BD20 5RS
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