River restoration

A huge part of our work could be covered by the phrase “river restoration”. There are a host of sources for information and advice on this topic, one of the most comprehensive and interesting is The RESTORE Partnership:

European Centre for River RestorationThe RESTORE partnership has a site documenting the case studies of river restoration project studies at restorerivers.eu. The link riverwiki.restorerivers.eu also gets you to the same site

More specifically the Rodley and Kirkstall projects case studies can be seen at

Information about the rivers wiki can be found at the River Management Blog website  and background information about the wiki can be found at European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR.org). Here is a practical look at willow spiling – an example on the River Aire.

Rodley Fish Pass on the Aire was completed in 2014 and fish migration through it has been the subject of scientific scrutiny. Here is a link to the scientific paper.