Aire Catchment Network

Aire Catchment Network logoThe Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership (see below) has been dissolved and replaced by a network more closely focused on the River Aire – innovatively titled as The Aire Catchment Network.

Over the next few months we will be revising this page as we get closer to stakeholders (sorry, but it’s a useful word) in the Aire. Please come back soon for progress.




Aire and Calder Catchment PartnershipThe Aire Rivers Trust is delighted to have been appointed as the Catchment Host for the Aire and Calder.

In June 2013, following a pilot phase, Defra launched its policy framework for a catchment based approach. The policy makes clear the belief that engagement and collaborative working sits at the heart of a viable Catchment Based Approach.

The objectives for the Catchment Based Approach are:

1) To deliver positive and sustained outcomes for the water environment by promoting a better understanding of the environment at a local level;

2) To encourage local collaboration and more transparent decision-making when both planning and delivering activities to improve the water environment.

Working with our colleagues in The Calder and Colne Rivers Trust and with a host of individuals and other organisations with an interest in rivers and their catchments we ¬†will ‘hold’ a Vision, Strategy and Priorities for improving both Aire and Calder catchments whilst bringing together stakeholders in the belief that by connecting together we can deliver more. We recently agreed a Vision, Strategy & Objectives

A healthy and wildlife-rich water environment within the Aire and Calder that is valued and enjoyed, bringing increasing social and economic benefits to all.

Improving rivers and catchments is not just a ‘good thing’ for its own sake, it needs to contribute to the wider social and economic infrastructure and ACCP’s work recognises this.

The Catchment Partnership believes that the existing Trusts and the many other organisations across the area already have, or can develop, the capability to deliver the necessary improvements. Our role is to facilitate collaborative planning and action.

Here is our Actionable Plan

published in 2016, covering the Rivers Aire, Calder, Colne and Worth.

Geoff Roberts currently leads our Catchment Host activities, if you want to know more, please contact him.