Better Becks

Better Becks seeks to identify and deliver river restoration opportunities across a number of streams that flow into the River Aire. It builds on eaarlier work in which we identified a wide range of weirs, INNS, pollution sources and river restoration opportunities that adversely affect the quality of the becks in the middle Aire.

Together we want to make more space for nature, tackle pollution, remove barriers that block fish and improve water quality.

Evidence based river restoration

The River Aire includes a hugely varied catchment that includes both the rural landscape that inspired the Bronte sister’s writing and the urban industrial powerhouse that once made Bradford one of the richest cities in the world. That heritage has left us with a legacy of a heavily modified watercourse whose water quality and biodiversity are under pressure from urban growth and agriculture.

Only five of our fifty-one waterbodies were classified as good for ecological health by the Environment Agency in 2019. This is considerable progress on the two in 2016, but there is a great deal of scope to improve this.
As we have changed our streams we created all manner of barriers that stop fish swimming to feed, breed and shelter
Soil is washed into streams from fields and as our footpaths sprawl closer and closer to waterways
Our project brings together experts with geomorphological, hydrological and ecological skillsets to develop a holistic understanding of the issues that affect our becks and streams. By identifying problems we can develop creative proposals that benefit landowners, local communities and nature. We want to use nature-based solutions to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.
If you are a landowner who would like to talk to us about restoring streams and waterside habitat on your land please get in touch. Our current priority watercourses are on Silsden Beck, Morton Beck, Harden Beck, Little Beck, Lodepit Beck, Red Beck, Bradford Beck and Gill Beck.The Better Becks project includes fundraising for future river restoration projects. If you are interested in working with us to fund projects to reduce your environmental impacts, please get in touch. A recent example of our corporate water stewardship partnerships is Chellow Dene wetland in Bradford which has been developed thanks to funding from Britvic.
Advice for landowners
Our experts work with landowners and Bradford Council to find affordable solutions that work for people and nature
Spotting Pollution
Identifying hidden and accidental pollution sources is helping us to improve water quality
Better Becks is funded by the Environment Agency, with support from The Wild Trout Trust.
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