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    Rodley Nature Reserve Fish Pass

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Category Archives: Flood alleviation

Clean up the Aire

So impressed at how many individuals and organisations are banding together to clear the debris left behind by the flooding. As it says at the bottom of this poster, be careful near deep and/or flowing water and be careful about picking stuff up (use strong gloves to prevent puncture wounds). We have a small amount… Continue Reading

Flooding – possible responses

Following the flooding on the Somerset Levels (guess why they are called ‘levels’?), the premier professional institution in the arena – Chartered Insitution of Water and Environemntl Management – published a policy paper on the subject of flood risk management. That report followed some of the heaviest rain on record; we have just experienced rainfall… Continue Reading

Flooding update

River levels at many measurement points along the Aire are higher than any previously recorded. Flooding is extensive and serious so please be very careful. Stay away from running water and do not try to drive through it – did you know that 30cm (1 ft) of flowing water will move your car. You can… Continue Reading

New waterfall at Malham Cove

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] This is something you will not have seen before, and are unlikely ever to see again – water flowing over Malham Cove! Normally the outflow from Malham Tarn disappears into a sinkhle above the limestone pavement, flows underground reappearing at Aire Head below Malham village (NOT, as is often supposed, at the… Continue Reading

Seven Bridges

Learning more about the River Aire through Leeds, we took a Seven Bridges walking voyage with Steve Bottoms. Steve is a key player in the Hydrocitizenship project. This 3 year project is investigating, and making creative contributions to, the ways in which citizens and communities live with each other and their environment in relation to… Continue Reading

Migratory fish back in Leeds?

Please find linked below a copy of the latest newsletter regarding the Leeds Flood Alleviation scheme. You’ll see that the Knostrop Weir replacement will not be completed until December 2016. However, the Aire Rivers Trust has reason to believe that migratory fish are already ascending the temporary weir and making their way through the centre… Continue Reading