Chapel Haddlesey update

Chapel Haddlesey at low tide, August 2003

Work on the weir at Chapel Haddlesey continues apace with some serious excavations adjacent to the weir.

At the bottom of this post is an update from UK Hydro, the company which is building the hydro and fish pass on Chapel Haddlesey (CH) Weir. The weir is the bottom weir on the River Aire and is the tidal limit. Chapel Haddlesey is a mile or so from Eggborough Power Station which can be seen from the M62.

CH Weir was originally constructed in 1702. Although boat traffic can no longer ascend or descend the weir, the weir is still in use to retain the water level for boat traffic using the Selby Canal which joins the Aire and the Ouse.


6.8.2016 CH House and channelFor over 300 years CH Weir has acted as a barrier to migratory fish on the Aire. Under certain conditions salmon do ascend the weir and head upstream to the next barrier at Knottingley. It is hoped and expected that the fish pass will enable migratory fish to ascend the weir. “Salmon to Skipton” edges closer to reality.

(Thanks to Kevin Sunderland and UK Hydro for the update.)


UK Hydro updates – September 2016