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Eastburn Beck improvements

Wild Trout TrustEastburn Beck is to be made better for fish and wildlife in general as a result of a joint project between The Aire Rivers Trust, The Wild Trout Trust, The Environment Agency and ABP Green Port Hull.

This project will make it easier for fish to get past two key weirs along Eastburn Beck at Lumb Mill weir and Allotment weir as well as at the Environment Agency (EA) gauging weir; river & riparian habitat improvements, including low weir notching by the Wild Trout Trust & EA; and livestock exclusion from the true right bank. This combined work affects arguably the most adversely impacted section of Eastburn Beck as it runs adjacent to historic mills at Glusburn and the housing developments in CrossHills and Sutton-in-Craven.

The predominant species that will benefit immediately are trout, grayling, brook lamprey, and eel. There are populations of other coarse fish such as chub and pike which may take advantage. Stone loach, bullhead and minnow are present.

As fish passage improvements continue throughout the lower R Aire, then salmon and sea trout will also benefit in the future.

The combined works will not only improve fish passage but also improve instream and riparian habitats to the benefit all aquatic (and arguably many terrestrial) fauna and flora, including riverfly life, and especially the piscivore populations: kingfisher, heron, otter are all present.Green Port Hull

Once this work is complete, there will be around 20km of tributary network with excellent potential for migratory and resident salmonid spawning and juvenile habitat.

Full details of the project are available here –  Eastburn Beck_Project submission to GPH

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