Hirst Weir fish pass

Hirst Mill WeirThe Trust is working closely with Bradford Amateur Rowing Club and the Environment Agency to design and fund a fish pass as additional works to the emergency repair currently underway at Hirst Weir.

The Rowing Club’s plan is to install a rock ramp across the whole width of the weir to fill the existing hole and provide further protection to what is an increasingly fragile 700 year old structure. To create fish passage, the ramp will be extended t the downstream edge of the ramp (bottom left on the picture) and profiled such that there will be flows suitable for fish to swim up even in low flows. It’s also important that the overall work does not increase flood risk by increasing flood levels and this has been modelled already.

We are still waiting for detailed costs and will be seeking funding from various sources including using some money that we already hold as a consequence of our being so cost-efficient on earlier work on other weirs.

Installing these facilities will add to our long-term efforts to return salmon the headwaters of the Aire and contribute to our Developing the Natural Aire (DNAire) project to link the heritage assets of the river and canal and attract many more members of the community to this wonderful river.

Watch this space!