• Integrated Catchment Management

  • Partnerships for Action

Whilst our vision is simple, it is clear that no one organisation can deliver it on their own:

The Aire Catchment is known as a gold-standard example of the recovery of a post-industrial river

Partnership working is fundamental to the way we operate. We believe that more can be achieved when partners with different interests work together for the benefit of the catchment - indeed this is the founding principle of the Catchment Based Approach.

Our guiding philosophy, first expressed this way by US President Truman, is that "it's amazing what can be achieved if it doesn't matter who gets the credit".

We currently have partners signed up from all of the Local Authorities in our catchment, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, many fishing clubs and other sporting users of the river, 3rd sector organisations with a range of interests in developing our catchment, etc. Our monthly newsletter goes to everyone in the network, keeping them updated on a wide range of topics of relevance to our work. Sample copies are available to read  via the links below.

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