The Environment Agency also have their own Medium Term Plan, about which we are consulted every year. This is designed to develop and fund projects designed o improve the quality of the river as defined by the Water Framework Directive.
Click here for details of the current (2020) MTP

Our Actionable Plan, accessible through the link above, was produced a few years ago when the Aire and Calder Catchment Partnership cared for both rivers. With the advent of the Aire Catchment Network, we are in the process of updating the plan and making it River AIre catchment specific. This work will be complete by the end of the year and will contribute to the current revision of the Humber River Basin Management Plan.

Meanwhile a survey of our network suggested some draft Priorities:

Biodiversity, habitats, ecology
Fish passage
Upland and tree regeneration
Attention to our historic environment
Citizen Science
Flood alleviation
Natural Flood Management
Flood plain connectivity
Better development control on floodplains
Catchment scale strategy, planning and operation
Water quality (unspecified)
Sewage pollution
Agricultural diffuse pollution
Better soil management
Payments for outcomes
Urban diffuse pollution
Road runoff
Combined Sewer Overflows
Invasive Non-Native Species control/elimination
Fly tipping/litter
Water management (unspecified)

If you would like to contribute to this revision, or have ideas for how to improve our catchment, please contact us.

Thanks to Yorkshire Water and Environment Agency for supporting catchment hosting
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