• KWVR at Haworth

  • Rodley Nature Reserve Fish Pass

    Rodley Nature Reserve Fish Pass

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  • Castleford Millenium Bridge

  • River Aire at Ferrybridge

  • Malham Cove

  • Saltaire


We are sole or joint deliverers of several projects, all designed to improve the river and how  it is used.

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Friends of Bradford Beck

Urban Diffuse Pollution – we have been granted £38,500 from the Environment Agency’s Catchment Partnership Action Fund to run a project identifying and remedying sources of urban diffuse pollution in the Bradford Beck system. In partnership with the EA, Yorkshire Water and Bradford Council we will use innovative techniques to identify optical brighteners in the back (these are very useful indicators of pollution as they are almost ubiquitous in domestic waste waters) and then follow these indicators up to ‘persuade’ offenders to rectify their problems. We also plan to produce an education pack designed to reduce the future occurrence of this problem.

Marking the Beck – FOBB are fundraising for a project to mark the course of the beck as it flow hidden below the streets of Bradford city centre. Listen to Ed Butterworth talking about the scheme on BCB 106.6fm Radio

Upper Aire Project

Riverfly – we are proud to support this national scheme which trains ‘citizen scientists’ to sample our becks and rivers for invertebrates, thus supplementing the routine but limited work done by the Environment Agency. We have 16 sites on the River Aire and its’ tributaries, monitored by 15 people.

…..more to come…