Riverfly Monitoring

Woman taking Riverfly sample in river

The Trust is proud to be part of The Riverfly Partnership.

The Riverfly Partnership is a network of nearly 100 partner organisations, representing anglers, conservationists, entomologists, scientists, water course managers and relevant authorities, working together to:

      • protect the water quality of our rivers;
      • further the understanding of riverfly populations;
      • and actively conserve riverfly habitats.

The Aire Rivers Trust trains ‘Citizen Scientists’ to sample and assess the quality of the invertebrate life in our rivers.  This helps us understand how our river is improving and spot pollution incidents.

By taking regular samples of invertebrates at sites along the river our volunteers can spot variations in results that show falls in water quality over the past month.  Many invertebrates are particularly sensitive to pollution and their loss will affect many of the fish, birds and mammals that rely on a healthy population of invertebrates for their survival.

Interested in taking part?  Why not watch a short video of some training we ran at East Riddlesden Hall in partnership with the Salmon & Trout Association?  Please contact Nick Milsom to find out about volunteer opportunities in our Riverfly Monitoring programme.