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The Riverfly Partnership - invertebrate monitoring

Riverfly PartnershipThe Trust is a proud supporter of The Riverfly Partnership.

The Riverfly Partnership is a network of nearly 100 partner organisations, representing anglers, conservationists, entomologists, scientists, water course managers and relevant authorities, working together to:

  • protect the water quality of our rivers;
  • further the understanding of riverfly populations;
  • and actively conserve riverfly habitats.

We have contributed to funding the training of more ‘Citizen Scientists’ in sampling and assessing the quality of the invertebrate life in our rivers. This will form a valuable addition to the data on how well our river is improving and will supplement the somewhat sparse information gathered by the EA.

The purpose of this project is to measure the health of the river by taking regular samples of invertebrates at specific sites and look for variations in results.

Invertebrates are the most useful available indicators of this. They are generally at the bottom end of the food chain, meaning that most fish, birds and mammals rely on a healthy population of invertebrates for their survival. Many invertebrates are also particularly sensitive to pollution, and these are the ones that will be researched in this monitoring programme.

Here is a little video of the latest training at East Riddlesden Hall…