River Aire Care

River Aire Care is the headline project for our riverside conservation volunteers and is the “brand” that most practical volunteers will see us engaging under. Our volunteers have been caring for the River Aire since 2018. Their work helps make it a better place for people and wildlife.

It encompasses a wide range of habitat improvement, litter clearance and access improvement work across the upper and middle Aire (but primarily in the Bradford district). It also includes our annual Big Spring Clean Up with local groups along the river.

The work of our volunteers is extremely varied and takes place along the riverbank from Leeds to the top of the Aire valley. We improve access by caring for riverside footpaths, footbridges and urban pocket parks. Along the river, we use traditional countryside skills and green engineering knowledge to protect riverbanks from erosion and to care for hedges and riverside habitats like wet woodlands and floodable meadows. In Spring, as the flood waters drop we remove litter and debris from the riverbanks and tackle fly-tipping along the river.
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We work on land owned by local councils and farmers along the river and with riverside businesses. Much of our work is in Bradford, Bingley and Keighley but we regularly find ourselves in the upper Aire. We can promise you hidden beauty spots, fantastic views and great company.

Our volunteer parties are typically six to twelve people and always welcome new volunteers. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. For many it is there first experience of conservation work. We don't expect volunteers to have any skills apart from a basic level fo fitness and a willingness to try new things.
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Improving access for all
Caring for footpaths and bridges along the river
Using Nature to Help Our Rivers
Laying hedges and planting trees to slow the flow of water and nutrients into our rivers
Tackling Litter in our river
Caring for a river to make it a place that is special for people and wildlife
Caring for riverside spaces for nature
Ensuring that traditional skills like hay making are not lost forever
A river that is part of our communities
Building leaky dams to "slow the flow" and keep our homes safe from flooding
Green space on people's doorsteps
Caring for urban pocket parks to keep the river at the heart of our communities
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River Aire Care is made possible thanks to the generous support of a wide range of funders including Bradford Council, Patagonia, Groundwork, the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation., the Esme Fairburn Foundation and Patagonia together with many other funders who have supported our projects along the river.

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