Wonderful Wildlife

The river is wonderful place to share with wildlife. We've chosen six of our favourite river visitors.
Our work is all about connecting people, places and nature.

Salmon travel from The Atlantic Ocean near Greenland to return to the streams and rivers in Yorkshire where they were born. Fish complete this massive migration to spawn in the shallow waters.


Kingfishers are notoriously hard to spot. Often a vivid blue flash is all you notice as they fly by.


It’s said that Pike will attempt to eat any animal that is not too big to swallow. Fish, small mammals and amphibians like toads are their preferred food.


Herons can be seen perched in the trees or patiently waiting to catch fish on the weir.

European Eel

European eels are critically endangered. They leave Yorkshire’s rivers to breed in the Sargasso Sea off North America. Much of their life cycle while out at sea remains a mystery.

White-clawed crayfish

The White-clawed crayfish is the UK's only native freshwater crayfish. It is in decline due to the introduction of the non-native North American signal crayfish. This invasive species carries a disease to which our native crayfish has no natural resistance. There are still pockets of White-clawed in our catchment. This is why it is important to check, clean and dry equipment when moving between water bodies for recreation or work.

A number of our Trustees joined us as the result of a life long love for the river.

For Kevin Sunderland this was fostered through fishing. Kevin has written a history of the fish in the River Aire. Published in 2012 in The Naturalist, it provides an excellent snap shot of the river's wildlife and health.

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