Support for land owners

The Aire Rivers Trust offers to support to landowners. We currently have grants available to increase the number of trees in the Aire valley.
Contact us for help to apply


Grants are available to farmers and landowners who have land available to plant woodland, buffer strips and hedges within the Aire catchment.
We will be able to link landowners to funding for such schemes.
This will enhance existing land features to reduce the speed of water entering the river without affecting productivity.
Farm diversification
Creating opportunities for farm investment that delivers for landwoners and our river
Using Nature to Help Our Rivers
Hedges and trees slow the flow of water and nutrients into our rivers
If you’re located in the Aire Valley, and would like to find out more about how trees and other measures could help your farmland to become more flood resilient and improve the river, please get in touch with Nick Milsom Aire Rivers Trust on 07378 878857 or send email to Nick
Using Nature to Help Our Rivers
Leaky dams, tree planting, soil and aeration all contribute to "natural flood managment"
Free farm advice
Helping landowners reduce water pollution and associated farm costs

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