River Aire Care

River Aire Care is our current volunteer river stewardship project.

Through River Aire Care  we are creating a network of citizens looking after Bradford’s rivers and supporting flood risk and resilience activities on behalf of the community.

Why not  volunteer with us?

River Aire Care works with both our own volunteers and existing Friends groups to help them grow and plan activities and  develop new groups.  Through these groups we aim to raise awareness and increase engagement with the river and flooding.

We want to combine flood resilience with environmental improvements. Over the past 18  months we have been delivering a huge number of clean up in the Bradford region including Baildon, Shipley and Keighley.  During 2018 our volunteers have rescued more than 40 washing machines washed in by the Boxing Day 2015 floods!

We run regular volunteer days run on Wednesdays, Thursdays , Fridays or Saturdays.  See our events calendar for details.  Why not come and  join us?

River Aire Care is delivered by Nick Mislom with the generous support of the Environment Agency,  Bradford Council, The Leeds Community Foundation and Yorkshire Water.

Nick will also coordinate an Advisory and Information Group to ensure good communications between the various stakeholders and other organisations clearing the river as part of River Aire Care.