Our plans for the River Worth and its tributaries

As part of our River Worth Restoration Project, The Aire Rivers Trust and our volunteers have undertaken a significant survey of the rivers of the Worth Valley and Keighley. From the results of this survey, we have produced an improvement plan for the whole River Worth catchment. The plan assesses the potential to improve each tributary against seven key national river improvement priorities:

  1. Re-naturalising the river
  2. Easing barriers to fish movement
  3. Limiting non-native species invasion
  4. Reducing pollution from land-based runoff
  5. Reducing pollution from pipes
  6. Limiting flooding through natural flood management
  7. Increasing access to and appreciation of the River

It then sets out achievable actions that communities along the river can work towards to deliver real change for the river. Ideally, this would be done in partnership with The Aire Rivers Trust and other organisations interested in improving river health.

We have produced a series of documents to help you understand the state of the river and our thoughts on what needs doing to improve it. All of the documents below will open in a new tab on your device.

Respond to our consultation

We would love to know your thoughts about our plans. The button below will take you to a consultation form, where you can record your own priorities and suggestions. Please read at least the summary below before completing the consultation.
It will take at least 5 minutes to complete, longer if you have detailed comments and suggestions to write.

Click here to let us have your views

Want to know more?

The first two documents below will help you  get to know our plan and then the five links below them will take you to a detailed report, including proposed actions, for each of the five key parts of your river.

Executive Summary

Click on the image below to see and/or download a quick overview of the problems we have found and the recommended solutions.

How to help your local river

To learn about river conservation issues and actions that will benefit your local river, please review the full plan here, with more detail in the document viewers below.


Upper Worth
See our vision for becks and the river around Ponden, Stanbury and Oldfield

Bridgehouse Beck
Learn about the challenges facing the becks around Oxenhope and Haworth

Middle Worth
A call to action for Oakworth and the river between Mytholmes Lane and Ingrow Bridge

North Beck
Find out what it will take to help the becks around Newsholme, Goose Eye, Laycock and North Dean–Keighley.

Lower Worth
A framework for restoring the river through Keighley and the becks flowing from Long Lee and Hainworth

A comprehensive overview

And finally ... read this for a comprehensive overview of actions to improve the River Worth and an invaluable list of information sources on river restoration.

We want to listen to you and hear what you have to say about our plans. We have three events arranged, please click on the appropriate link below to book your place.

For the Lower Worth, come to this event on 20th March

Keighley Green Drinks will host this session on 22nd March

The Old School Room in Haworth hosts this event on 14th March

And finally... if you would like to volunteer to help improve our River Worth, there is a range of ways you can help.

Please visit our volunteering page by clicking the button below.

Volunteer to help improve your river

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